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[After Religious Abuse]

beEmboldened Online Course

What is it?

Welcome to the foundational course of bE Live Free Collective! This course provides access to tools and education that are necessary in rebuilding your life after religious abuse. You will gain insight into the science of trauma, triggers, boundaries, healthy community, and more throughout this 7-week program.

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Program Outline

1. Allowing Grief: The Losses Suffered

2. Science of Trauma: The Why to the What

3. Triggers: Being Patient with Yourself

4. Boundaries: A New Way of Life

5. Authentic Self: Finding Your Design

6. Trusting Again: The Possibility of Relationships

7. Identifying Healthy Community: The Seemingly Impossible

8. Bonus Live Q&A

Created for you by people like you.

This course was intentionally designed and recorded to offer you as much connection as possible. With a mix of teaching and group engagement, you are able to journey along with 4 other real life survivors of religiously abusive environments. In this way, you’ll have the opportunity to process with Kelsea, Jordan, and Zoe, as they vulnerably share alongside Naomi. This unique approach was Naomi’s heartbeat behind this program. She deeply desires for you to hear from a variety of perspectives, in addition to her own expertise, in hopes of you getting the most benefit from the digital environment. The results are incredible, and we are so ready for you to experience the difference for yourself!

Who is it for?

The topics in these modules were central in the creator, Naomi’s, own personal healing, and ultimately come up in some form with every individual we walk alongside at beEmboldened.

- Been in a harmful religious environment

- Been in a high-control group or cult

- Been abused in any way in the name of religion

- Been struggling since a religious trauma

- Been feeling “stuck” in your healing and rebuilding journey

- Desire to come alongside others in an effective manner

This program is for you if you have:

Who created it?

Naomi is the daughter of a pseudo-Christian cult leader. She was raised, yet hidden, within mainstream culture and public-school education, where no one knew—or the few with a sense of something, stayed silent. She did not know this was the case until she was 28, from which point she has sought after truth with a questioning mind, adamant to never find herself so lost again.


Throughout Naomi’s career, she has experienced the beauty of one individual walking alongside another in a safe and healthy relationship. She has seen and felt the power of being present, and in sharing in the experience of someone else. She is passionate about the hope that comes with the choice to embrace life’s most difficult challenges—to lean in with gentleness, kindness, and grace—knowing that the possibility of a fulfilling life is real. She has committed herself to this reality for not only herself, but for those with whom she has the honor of walking alongside.


Naomi holds a Master of Social Work from the University at Buffalo, is a licensed mental health professional in the state of Colorado, and has a Master of Arts in Christian Studies from Denver Seminary. Her areas of specialty include death and dying, grief and loss, and spiritual and religious abuse, including cult abuse, as well as general biblical studies of both the Old and New Testaments.

Why was this course created?

“I created this program because I’m not sure how someone journeys forward well without this information and these tools. These topics were pivotal for me, and continue to prove necessary for those we serve at bE. I was fortunate to be educated in these areas, so I could apply what I was learning for my career, to myself. Not everyone has this alignment in their life, though, so I wanted to offer an accessible way for others like me to become better equipped to heal.”

–Naomi Wright, Founder & Executive Director, beEmboldened

​The purpose of this course is to equip you with necessary information, understanding, and practical tools for a healthy, whole, and sustainable way of day-to-day living. This education will prepare you to take your next steps for your own story.

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What transformation this course offers:

By the end of these 7 weeks together, you will feel more confident in your ability to navigate your way to a healthier life with healthier relationships. And hopefully, you will have already begun to create change!

7 Markers for Transformation


Sunset Over the Mountains
"The work that bE has done for this course has been very useful, informative, and to the point. It has been a very positive experience in learning needed information."


Rebuilding [After Religious Abuse]


Impact Story

Effie & Max

“My husband and I found the beEmboldened spiritual abuse course to be a 'God send' on our journey toward healing from our very painful experience of being spiritually abused by our ex-pastor during the most difficult time of our life: our daughter's battle with stage 4 cancer and grieving the loss of her life. When we first began this 7-week program we were in a lot of pain from a horrific experience of covert narcissistic spiritual abuse by our ex-pastor. This experience felt enormously hurtful and painful while we tried to ignore the abuse while our daughter was sick with cancer and mourning her death. My husband had been on staff at the church for over 10 years and he did not have another ministry opportunity to go to. Also, our focus was on trying to help our daughter, not the pastor's issues. But when the pastor's spiritual abuse continued while mourning our daughter's death, my husband decided to resign without having another job. This was a step of faith, and we walked in that faith while praying for God's direction for healing. We soon found beEmboldened and began this 7-week program. This course was very informative and helpful in our healing journey. We just ended the course and are feeling much better about our life going forward. We are looking forward to what God has in store for us as we continue to love and serve Him with more understanding and knowledge about spiritual abuse. We extend our deepest appreciation to everyone at bE for all your dedication in making this opportunity for our healing possible.” 

Holding Hands


1. Can I buy this course at any time?

We will launch this course 2-3 times this year. Once the cart opens it will be open for 10 days and then it will close again. Please make sure to sign up within those 10 days to ensure access to the course. We will keep you updated on social media and through our website on upcoming launch dates, so please make sure you’re following and subscribed so you don’t miss an announcement!

2. How many hours a week will this course take?

The recorded content is between 1 - 1.5 hours each week. With time to sit with the information, take notes if desired, and maybe begin to apply a new tool, we would recommend setting aside 2-3 hours of your time each week.

3. Do I get the full course all at once?

We don’t want you to “drink from a firehose” and become overwhelmed, so this is why we will be dripping content to you each week. This means you will receive your course on a week-to-week basis (starting each Monday). This keeps the information bite-sized, allowing you to really sit with the information you’re learning each week and to begin applying the new information and tools throughout the week as well. 

4. What if I miss a week?

No worries at all! You will maintain access to all prior weeks for one year, so you can go back and catch up.

5. Do I get to keep this content forever?

Once you purchase your course, you will have 1 year to go through the 7 weeks of content. Feel free to go back through the information as often as you like. We just ask that you don’t share this content with those who have not paid for this resource. Your commitment to integrity will allow us to keep creating new programs and services for many years to come.

6. Will I need to invest in any other materials or resources for this course?

No, we provide you with a pdf guide each week to help you with the content. No need to purchase any other materials or resources for this course. We’ve got you covered.

7. Do you offer a payment plan?

Please reach out to us directly if you’re in need of a payment plan–we’d love to help you!

8. Do you offer a sponsorship option for this course?

Please reach out to us directly about sponsorship and we’ll let you know if we have one available. We hope we do!

9. Do you offer a refund?

No, but if you are truly dissatisfied with the course, we can discuss how to apply the funds you've spent to our sponsorship program for individuals who have financial need and would benefit from bE's support services.

10. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Can I really do this?

Naomi lived the lessons in these 7 modules herself and she has experienced firsthand the profound changes they offer us. Many others have also gone through this course live and have shared their gratitude for its creation. You are equally capable and special; we all have the opportunity to rebuild after religious abuse!

11. Is the live Q&A with just me? Do I have to attend the live Q&A?

The live Q&A is a bonus for all of those who purchased the course within the 10-day launch window. There is no pressure to join or participate, however, Naomi will be there live and would be thrilled to see you there if you so choose.

12. What if I can’t make the live Q&A?

This event will be pre-scheduled and will happen one time. Due to our strong commitment to confidentiality, the event will not be recorded, so those in attendance feel more safe to share. We would recommend putting the date on your calendar right away, so you’re able to plan around it if at all possible!

13. How long will the course be available?

The course is available for one year after the start date. You can access it during this timeframe.

If you’re thinking, “This sounds amazing but I’m still not 100% sure.”

We get it. Religious abuse is painful and it has likely bled onto every area of your life, both internal and external. If you’ve sought support before, you’ve probably been disappointed. Either they backed away slowly, not knowing what to say, or they were accidentally dismissive with platitudes about God having a plan. Maybe your suffering was minimized or your integrity was called into question. Or maybe someone was fascinated by the train wreck and forgot that no, you’re a real person, and the damage has been done to you and your very real life. If any of this resonates with you, our hearts break with yours. This should not have happened–you were treated unfairly, whether intentional or accidental. 


Our hope for this course is that as you watch and listen, you’ll know you’re understood. Naomi, Jordan, Kelsea, and Zoe, all offer differing perspectives to connect with, providing you with countless moments of, “Yes! Me too!” and “I’m not alone" and "That's a good idea." 


There is strength to be found in not feeling alone. We hope you begin to feel that strength, that possibility, that hope that yes: this moment is temporary, and yes: you will continue forward into a life with depth, fullness, and trust. Maybe again, or maybe even for the first time.

Course Recap

This course provides access to tools and education that are necessary in rebuilding your life after religious abuse. Throughout 7 weeks, we will explore:

  1. Allowing Grief: The Losses Suffered

  2. Science of Trauma: The Why to the What

  3. Triggers: Being Patient with Yourself

  4. Boundaries: A New Way of Life

  5. Authentic Self: Finding Your Design

  6. Trusting Again: The Possibility of Relationships

  7. Identifying Healthy Community: The Seemingly Impossible

  8. Plus a Bonus Live Q&A at the end.

By the conclusion of our 7 weeks together, you will feel more confident in your ability to navigate your way to a healthier life with healthier relationships.

“You are not alone in your experience, nor in your rebuilding journey. I am rooting for you, the bE team is rooting for you, our supporters and fellow curriculum graduates are all rooting for you. I pray this proves to be a huge step in your journey. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your story. It is a privilege. See you soon!”

Naomi Wright, Founder & Executive Director, beEmboldened

Support Group Circle

Groups of 3 or More?

Are you a group of 3 or more?

3-5 Participants: $199, per person

6-9 Participants: $179, per person

10-14 Participants: $159, per person

15+ Participants: $149, per person

Contact us for custom pricing, including options for your own course launch date, email and phone support, and in-person facilitation by Naomi.

Rebuilding [After Religious Abuse]


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